Kahiri Endeler, Celine Hirzel and Jake Jones crowned inaugural Oceania Pacific Cup Champions

Kahiri Endeler, Celine Hirzel and Jake Jones have been crowned the inaugural Oceania Pacific Cup Champions in Guam 9-11 December.

The two race Pacific Cup comprising a time trial on Friday and a road race on Sunday, held concurrently with the Tour of Guam. The two races provided an opportunity for riders across Pacific nations to test themselves in a strong regional competition.

In the opening time trials Guam’s Jake Jones took gold in the men’s, with Celine Hirzel of New Caledonia claiming the honours in the women’s race.

In the road races it was Kahiri Endeler (Tahiti) taking the men’s title and in the women’s it was with Hirzel doing the double and claiming a second gold.

The hosting of the inaugural Pacific Cup was possible thanks to significant Solidarity funding from the Union Cycliste Internationale, who are committed to supporting the development of cycling globally.

The Pacific Cup is the first step in the OCC’s ambitious athlete pathway strategy for pacific cyclists. With the goal to creative competitiveness of pacific riders at Oceania Championships and the return of cycling to Pacific Games in 2027.

Road Race
Gold: Kahiri Endeler (Tahiti)
Silver: Blayde Blas (Guam)
Bronze: Bastien Guegano (Tahiti)

Gold: Celine Hirzel (New Caledonia)
Silver: Sandrine Frogier (New Caledonia)
Bronze: Robyn Spaeth (CNMI)

Time Trial
Gold: Jake Jones (Guam)
Silver: Kahiri Endeler (Tahiti)
Bronze: Ed Oingerang (Guam)

Gold: Celine Herzel (New Caledonia)
Silver: Sandrine Frogier New Caledonia)
Bronze: Robyn Spaeth (Northern Mariana Islands)